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Kenosha Forgotten Friends

Our hours are by appointment only as we work solely out of foster homes.
We will gladly cross post and help find homes for those we cannot house. Network! Network!
If you would like to adopt one of our fur-riends listed in our pets for adoption photo album, please go to our website at and download adoption application.
We are on the no kill registry for shelters. Check it out at

501c3 rescue to help companion animals find safe, loving homes.

Recently we have so many new supporters, and we welcome you all on our journey, so thought we would update all of you on who we are and what we do as we begin a New Year! Going into only our third year, our members, volunteers and supporters have a lot to be proud of!

Kenosha Forgotten Friends was begun in Aug 2013 when 4 male, un-neutered kitties were dumped in a box during the night at Kenosha Animal Hospital. All the shelters were full so Dr Carlisle said we would take care of it and find them homes on our own. Now this is something Dr Carlisle has done for years. People would come in and want to euthanize their pets because they thought it was hopeless, or just didn’t want them any more. Dr Carlisle would take the animals, do what was necessary to fix them up and find them new loving forever homes. Dr Carlisle has been my veterinarian for years and we have become friends, being of like minds as animal lovers and advocates. We decided it was time to start our own rescue and help take some of the “overload” from area shelters.
So the journey began….
In Feb 2014 we received our 501c3 status as a charitable organization, where all donations are tax deductible.
What makes us different from other organizations is that Kenosha Forgotten Friends works side by side with Kenosha Animal Hospital. Every animal that is taken in by KFF MUST go through Kenosha Animal Hospital first for complete vet check and vaccinations BEFORE going to a foster home. Any medical needed is done only by Kenosha Animal Hospital veterinarians, including any vaccinations needed.
This helps keep in check any viruses, especially respiratory, helps spot any major issues that only a skilled veterinarian can determine during an exam.
Dr Carlisle has been on call for us after hours, including holidays, whenever needed.
Dr Reynolds and Dr Shine and all the staff at Kenosha Animal Hospital have stepped up and supported us in so many ways.
Dr Carlisle’s forte is specialty difficult cases. He loves a challenge and we sure have given him some!
Some of our current challenging cases are:
Selena, who was found outside, was very ill and lethargic. We believe she was poisoned somehow. And not only that she was pregnant so an emergency c-section was done to save Selena as it was one large kitten and Selena would not have survived the labor. The baby, who we named Miracle, only lived a few days. Selena is still struggling as she was also diagnosed with toxoplasmosis which is very dangerous. After being on oxygen and heat support for 3 weeks she is able to walk and eat on her own. Dr Carlisle has taken her home and he and his wife, Becky, give her around the clock care.
Sadie, is a red tickhound who was surrendered to us and has an aggressive cancer. Two surgeries have been performed to remove the tumors in her mouth. She is in permanent foster and is being kept comfortable. So far she is a happy girl who loves life!
Vivian was also found outside, very ill. She ended up having her thyroid removed as she didn’t respond well to the thyroid medication. She also has arthritis. She recovered nicely from the surgery and has now been found to have cancer. The only treatment was to amputate her leg to keep it from spreading. She is a happy girl. The cancer came back and was once again removed.. She is doing very well with no signs of the cancer returning. She gets around and purrs every time you go by her.
We recently got little Turtle in who is a tiny kitten that had what we thought was an injured leg, along with an upper respiratory infection. Turned out to be a hematoma from most likely, blunt force trauma. She could hardly walk and could not urinate. She has recovered 100% and is now doing well in her fur-ever home.
Many other specia; needs cases in the past were Honey, the abused Chihuahua, several FIV kitties, Lorax (aka Fergus) who had a torn Achilles tendon as a tiny kitten, just to name a few.
Our Sammy who had a bot fly infection as a kitten was treated for over a year with medications, then finally surgery as the bot fly had migrated into his inner ear through the Eustachian tube into the soft palate.
Many would have given up on these animals but we give them every chance possible.

These cases are quite expensive and may not have had a chance anywhere else. But we all here at KFF go the extra mile to give them every possible chance. All of our animals are treated as if they were our very own.
When we adopt an animal out we try to ensure the animal is a good fit for the prospective family. We do background and home checks. Once adopted, we keep in touch with the new family to ensure all is going well and are here to help if any questions or problems.

We have a great “team” with our Kenosha Forgotten Friends volunteers and the veterinarians and staff at Kenosha Animal Hospital.
We have rehomed over 200 animals, including birds and even a chinchilla.
We also do “courtesy” posting to help find homes when we do not have space to take them. We have helped re-home over 50 animals. We actively participate in reviewing applications and meeting with prospective adopters and owners to help find a new home. We do not judge when an animal is surrendered because there are probably many reasons they must surrender their pet that we cant possibly know or make public to protect the privacy of everyone.. Our job is not to judge but to focus on helping the pet and owner through a difficult time.
If we count the many Dr Carlisle and Kenosha Animal Hospital have done before we actually formed Kenosha Forgotten Friends, the numbers would be much greater!
We partnered with Adopt Me Animal Rescue out of Madison WI, which deals with only dogs. The increase in networking helps rehome animals faster.

Remember Networking DOES save lives!
So Please Share

We are a NO KILL shelter. Our "rescues" are held in foster homes by volunteers who have opened their hearts and homes to help them have their chance at a "Happy Ending"
You may contact us at 262-909-9764,
If you would like to donate please click on the l

Making a difference one pet at a time!

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Founded: Sandy Majest President/ William Carlisle DVM August 2013

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